What is PAT&PARK?

Have you ever stopped using your e-scooter because you knew you wouldn’t be able to park it at your destination?

PAT&PARK wants to solve your mobility problems when you use the e-scooter but you have no guarantee that at your destiny there will be a parking to store it with the comfort and security you need.

PAT&PARK is a large network of e-scooter parkings using electric lockers that aims to provide a safe and private space to store your e-scooter while you go to the movies, shopping, on the beach … and all this while your scooter is loading!

Where are we?

You can find our first PAT&PARK e-scooter parking stations here:

And soon we’re gonna expand to many more locations!

How does it work?

The touch screen of each PAT&PARK station controls all the lockers of the parking station (up to 300) and is used to deposit and collect the belongings in the lockers (e-scooter, helmet, backpack, laptop …).


Select an available ticket office on the screen and enter a 4 to 6 digit PIN code. Make the payment by credit card to open the locker and park in it your electric scooter folded while loading. That easy!


Select your locker on the screen and enter your PIN code. Pay the minutes you used the locker by credit card to open the door and pick up your electric scooter. That easy!


Do you want your company to install parking stations for electric scooters? Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to know further about our project, or if you have suggestions or problems during your use of PAT&PARK.

We can personalize our software and tailor it to each client’s needs.